upcycle redo refurbished wood cabinet stand before and after

Over the weekend I decided to take on a little (medium sized) project.  The end results were so great that I am glad I did it! And more importantly, the proud new owner (my mom) absolutely loves it!

On Friday, I was driving to the shop to pick up some wood signs and saw a few yard sale signs along the way.  Thinking about it for a while, I envisioned maybe finding a nice solid wood piece of furniture to redo over the weekend.  I use to do this all the time when I first started Designs by Prim. I really don't know why I stopped. But needless to say, on my way back, I decided to swing by one of the yard sales and see what I can find.  

old vintage style solid wood cabinet stand

First and only stop was a success! I found a solid, in great shape, wood cabinet stand.  It definitely needed some love...and a new color, but I knew this would be the perfect project to do over the weekend.  Best thing, it was $10...yes, 10 bucks! What a deal! It's funny how, when making custom signs all week, I still have the urge to paint and create on the weekends.  I really do love my job! 

I brought it home Friday morning and kept envisioning my day on Saturday and what I was going to do to make this project a success! I knew I definetly wanted to brighten it up, but still give it a rustic feel.  I also didn't want to put too much money into it, which luckily I didn't have to (again, 10 bucks...what a steal!). I knew I would just need a quick trip to Home Depot to make this item a success! Plus, I had most of the material already on hand (paint, paint brushes, screws, glaze...). 

Saturday morning could not come quick enough. I finished wrapping the rest of the orders from the day before (I hope everyone loved their signs which all should have arrived today). Went to the post office, Home Depot and back home to begin operation redo. First thing was to come up with a step by step plan to make this time sufficient and the outcome fabulous.

refurbished solid wood cabinet

I first sanded down the wood.  Any imperfections from years of wear and any paint unevenness came out during this process.  I wasn't going to sand it completely bare, but I wanted to sand it good enough to give a smooth finish, as well as a good base for new paint to stick on.  During my sanding process, I discovered that underneath the old purple color was actually a beautiful turquoise color (which happened to be what I wanted to paint the cabinet).  

repainted sanded solid wood cabinet

Next, I gave the wood cabinet stand a nice wash.  With a damp cloth, I wiped down the whole stand from top to bottom, inside out.  I also removed the knobs (which I guess I should have done at the beginning haha).  I knew I didn't want to save the knob framing (total 70/80's style), but I felt the knobs themselves could be salvageable. After all was wiped down, it was time to paint!

rustic old vintage knobs frame metal refurbished

Painting is so much fun...I love it! Taking a bare piece of wood and recreating something with color is so entertaining for me. Especially when I get to see the outcome.  I think that is why I began Designs by Prim.  I just love seeing each custom sign from beginning to end and being amazed with the outcome. This cabinet stand was the same...it went from an ugly and old purple color to a bright and cheerful Turquoise. Two coats and it was ready to seal. 

After the paint dried, I decided I wanted to add an additional shelf.  My mom needed this more as a stand with pictures and knick knacks instead of a tv stand, so an additional shelf was a must.  A quick trip to the shop to cut some wood for shelving and I was back home and painting and installing. After that, I added a backing from plywood that I bought earlier from Home Depot (I didn't want the back to be open...I felt it would give it a much sturdier look if there was a back).

before and after solid wood cabinet stand refurbished redone

And done! I have to say, this was definitely not a HARD refurbishing job, by any means.  But the outcome was like night and day to me! I felt like, what use to look like an 80's cheap wood compressed look alike cabinet, turned out to show its true solid wood material and strength.  And best of all, my mom absolutely loved it! After delivery, I didn't stick around to see how she ended up decorating it (hehe I was ready to relax for the rest of the weekend), but I will definitely update with a picture on my next visit. 

Before and After Solid Wood Cabinet Stand Refurbished Redone Upcycling

before and after solid wood cabinet stand refurbished upcycle redone

I think I will need to plan a special refurbish project at least once a month...up-cycling, restoring, etc....I really had so much fun with this...especially seeing the outcome! Plus, total cost (with $10 stand and materials ) was $22!!! What a flipping steal! 

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